Mingzhi Technology Giga Core Making Machine


January 2023, Suzhou China and Leipzig Germany


With the rapid growth in the development of shipping, wind power and other large equipment worldwide, a constant rise in the demand for production capacity for large castings is occurring, along with increased precision requirements. The traditional manual core production method, entailing the furan resin self-hardening sand process, can barely keep up with this demand, creating a significant opportunity for cold box core-making equipment of sand cores.

The technology of cold box core-making machines for mass production of castings is advancing worldwide, however, there remains a significant gap in the level of technology required to produce such large core sizes and the required sand-shooting volume. The challenges in core making at this level must be analyzed and overcome to meet requirements such as large capacity rapid sand shooting and filling, efficient curing of large sand cores, high-speed driving technology for large size and heavy-duty core boxes, and intelligent controls.


With nearly 20 years of experience in cold box core-making technology and manufacturing, Mingzhi Technology carried out an in-depth analysis, and by mid-2022, was able to successfully innovate a Giga Cold box Core Making Machine with a single shooting volume of 2000L, that can efficiently produce 2800kg super-large sand cores. The key technical breakthroughs can be summarized as follows:

-Large capacity sand shooting technology:

The multi-stage sand shooting pressure switching control technology of Mingzhi Technology and the matching large-capacity shooting nozzle design simultaneously meet the rapid filling of 2000L Giga sand cores, effectively improving the degree of compaction and uniformity of large sand cores and reducing the energy consumption of core-making.

-Giga sand core curing technology

The integrated technology of multi-group high-efficiency heaters and large blowing hood is adopted to achieve short flow blowing, reduce catalyst consumption, reduce exhaust gas emission, greatly shorten the curing time and improve the consistency of sand core curing.

-Heavy-duty servo drive technology:

The servo drive control technology is adopted to realize a fast and smooth operation of the heavy load servo motor drive and improve the accuracy of repeated positioning.

-Intelligent control technology:

The intelligent control of the core parameters of the process of large core-making sand shooting and curing, through the sensors and detectors on the equipment, enables process data collection and the entire process management of equipment operation and maintenance.

Mingzhi Technology’s 2000L Giga Cold box Core Making Machine has been recognized by the Jiangsu Province Mechanical Engineering Society, which acknowledges these comprehensive technical indicators lead internationally:

Max. shooting volume ≥ 2000L

Dry cycle time ≤ 60 s

Blowing time ≤ 240 s

Core making efficiency (2t core as an example) 8-10 boxes/h

During the development process of the Giga Cold box Core Making Machine, Mingzhi Technology independently implemented the research and development of more than 10 technologies, including a large-flow shooting mechanism, an efficient curing system, and matching core boxes, while obtaining numerous patents. There are obvious advantages in the core indexes such as the sand shooting volume, the blowing time, the core box automatic change time, the core making efficiency, and the sand core quality.

The successful creation of Mingzhi’s 2000L Giga Cold box Core Making Machine will allow more manufacturers of large castings to reduce labor requirements, and improve production efficiency and product quality. Simultaneously, the technology involved in Giga casting production serves to promote precision and efficiency, as well as green, intelligent production, enhancing the overall competitiveness of the casting industry chain.  The Giga Cold Box Core Machine promises to close the gap to meet the rapid development of shipping, aerospace, wind power machinery, and other industries. If you are interested in learning more, please contact info.leipzig@mingzhi-tech.eu  www.mingzhi-tech.eu