Qualifications and References

At Mingzhi Technology, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the art product development and manufacturing processes and have been awarded industry certifications for compliance to safety, environment and quality management systems. In addition, our core shop equipment products bear the CE safety stamp and certification, wherever required.
As further testimony of our dedication to innovation and quality, we are recognized as an accredited company for the Post-Doctorate cooperative program, have gained various Provincial awards for technological advancements and hold over 158 patents, including 81 for new inventions.  In addition, 19 PCT (patent cooperation treaty) patent applications have been submitted.
It is our honor to have a growing list of world-class customer references, who have put their trust in Mingzhi Technology.

ISO9001- 2015

Quality Management System Conformity
(Issued by NSF-ISR, Ann Arbor, MI)

ISO14001: 2015

Environmental Management System Conformance
(Issued by NSF-ISR, Ann Arbor, MI)

IATF 16949- 2016

Quality Management System Conformity for Aluminum Alloy Castings
(Issued by NSF-ISR, Ann Arbor, MI)

OHSAS18001 – 2007

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Conformity
(Issued by NSF-ISR, Ann Arbor, MI)

Equipment Customers

Aluminum Castings Customers