Aluminum castings

Explore our use of gravity die and precision sand casting with low pressure pouring technology

Since 2003, we have been producing high-end and complex castings from our industry-certified aluminum alloy foundries. Our high volume and complex castings are designed, developed and produced using gravity die casting, precision sand casting and low pressure pouring technologies.

Our quality control procedure and dedicated testing controls for each individual casting are further reasons why Mingzhi Technology is a global forerunner as a manufacturer of aluminum castings.

Our competence in making castings -such as for condensing boiler heat exchangers, locomotive parts, hydraulic valve bodies and commercial vehicle parts – allows us to serve the domestic market and also export 90% of our production to Europe and North America.

Commercial vehicle hydraulic retarder housing

Casting products

Explore the many aluminum casting parts we produce according to market sector

Foundry facilities

Learn more about both our foundries and our production capabilities in Suzhou


Foundry facilities

Learn more about our two foundries and our production capabilities in Suzhou

Quality Control

Discover more about the quality control methods applied to our aluminum casting production