MiCC – Type

Full-Electric option, Compact and Time Saving

Mingzhi’s Integrated Core Centre (MiCC) is a revolutionary development in core-making with an appealing space-saving and compact structure that replaces the scattered traditional core-making layout.

The MiCC is a modular integration method of core-making that entails a platform-less, five-module concept that allows a seamless core-making process from raw materials storage to high-quality cores.  MICC includes eco-friendly devices, and offers high-precision movement and smart controls using MiCL intelligent software, with reduced consumption of raw materials and uninterrupted control of production parameters.

Key features of the MiCC include:

  • An integrated structure that combines the sand mixing unit and core-making machine for a more flexible layout
  • Availability of the integrated format applicable to the MAs and MDs series, as well as other specific core-making equipment
  • A sand mixing unit that provides a highly efficient and adjustable sand supply to one or more core-making machines
  • An overall height reduction of more than 25% which saves space and allows easy maintenance
  • No requirement for an on-site steel structure during setup, which provides cost savings, easy installation and rapid production start





MICC Front View