MDs Series


Efficiency, Safety, Intelligence

The MDs series is an efficient and intelligent line-up of core machines developed by Mingzhi Technology as the latest generation of the original heavy-duty D series core shooter.  The MDs series applies a new technology focused on safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, and an intelligent production mode. By means of the newly developed Mingzhi electric control system, MiCL, and hardware that includes IPC, PLC, and sensors, an intelligent approach to engaging all parts of the core box is employed: from moving sand into the core box through to core production and ejection.


Key features of the MDs series  include:


  • Primarily for high efficiency and automatic core making production, satisfying the utmost requirements for various types of production
  • Applies to various processes including cold box/hot box/inorganic process
  • The moveable sand-shooting barrel aligns with the top press sand-shooting and gassing structure for improved equipment operation efficiency
  • Available with upper-core box flip function, which allows online core box maintenance
  • Unique technologies of floating mold closure and regulated sand shooting allow better core quality and reduce core box abrasion
  • Multistage denoise technologies for reduced production noise
  • High-efficiency curing technology improves production efficiency and saves energy
  • Configured using the Mingzhi intelligent core making control system (MiCL1.0) for convenient operation and intelligent management