Mingzhi Technology Leipzig

Introducing our European operations in Leipzig, Germany

Through the full acquisition of the former Disa Industrieanglagen GmbH, in January of 2018 from the Norican group, Mingzhi Technology Leipzig GmbH has been established as our new European production and commercial facility. As part of the Mingzhi Technology family, this location will continue to produce high quality core shop equipment and collaborate with the Suzhou technical group to develop and produce innovative core machine products and services for current and future global customers. Additional sales and marketing offices are located near Venice, Italy.

The Leipzig operation, established in 1996, includes a team of approximately 30 employees, with a commercial and technical office and an adjacent production facility located Southwest of the city center. Currently, this production site produces some of our lineup of core shooters suitable for all core processes including hot box, cold box and inorganic processes, gassing units and sand preparation equipment. Visit Core Shop Products for more information.