NEWS: Core shop solutions for Erkunt

Erkunt adds Core Shop Equipment Markranstädt/Leipzig  September 2022

Based on a general increase in demand for foundry products within the Turkish market and the dedicated effort of our sales agent Mr. Yilmaz Ozkan of Kor Tek Makine Müh. Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti., the collaboration between Mingzhi Technology Leipzig GmbH and the Erkunt Group continues. Erkunt specializes in the production of iron castings destined for domestic and foreign clients with activities in automotive, tractor, and construction equipment

In May 2021, Mingzhi supplied Erkunt with three new 40L cold box core shooting machines, known as MP40, and gas generators to meet their parts production growth. Production start was achieved by September. In May 2021, Mingzhi and Erkunt agreed on the supply of a new sand plant with a preparation capacity of 8T/h along with an additional 40L MP40 core shooter and 100L cold box core shooting machine, the MP100. Production start of this equipment occurred by January 2022. Most recently, Erkunt has ordered an additional MP40 40L core machine and gas generator for which production start began in the spring of 2022.

Mingzhi Technology is a forerunner in core shop equipment technology with almost 20 years of experience in two production facilities and foundries (Leipzig, Germany, and Suzhou, China), approximately 700 employees, and an annual turnover of roughly 100 million euros. A wide range of Mingzhi Technology core machines meets varying production requirements including hotbox, ColdBox and inorganic. The latest addition to Mingzhi-s line up of core shooters includes the MAs series and MDs series featuring intelligent operation controls known as MiCL. Our core centre solutions can be provided in a traditional layout or the most recent integrated packages known as MiCC (Mingzhi Integrated Core Centres).

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