NEWS: PCP Technology @Formstoff 2020

PCP Technology meets core industry challenges Mingzhi Technology Leipzig once again rises to the challenges of the casting industry where lighter weight castings and green solutions are in increasing demand. At Formstoff 3rd annual event in Munich this past February 20-21, 2020, our latest technology advancement -the Precision Core Package technology was introduced. Heinrich Kairies, Mingzhi's Deputy Managing Director, presented and explored the Precision Core Package molding technology (PCP) for cold core box and precision sand casting technologies for iron, steel or other casting metal types. Compared to traditional processes, cold core box precision core package molding provides a host of advantages due to high casting precision, flexible pouring processes and production line solutions, high production efficiency, 100% sand reclaim and recycling. This Green casting technology offers great possibilities to improve the quality of castings and is particularly suitable for casting production of select batch size and with complicated cavities.  It can be applied in highly automated and intelligent casting production lines. If you missed Formstoff this year but want to learn more about our PCP technology, please contact our International Sales Group at +39-3451185845  or