NEWS: 2000L Giga Cold Box Core Maker

Mingzhi develops Giga Cold Box Core Machine Suzhou China and Leipzig Germany

To serve the noted gap in demand for large precision castings due to the rapid growth in the development of shipping, wind power, and other large equipment worldwide, Mingzhi Technology has revolutionized the large core-making process resulting in the development of a new 2000L Giga Cold Box Core Machine, with industry-leading technical indicators:

Max. shooting volume ≥ 2000L
Dry cycle time ≤ 60 s
Blowing time ≤ 240 s
Core making efficiency (2t core as an example) 8-10 boxes/h

With nearly 20 years of experience in cold box core-making technology and manufacturing, Mingzhi Technology carried out an in-depth analysis, and by mid-2022, was able to successfully innovate a Giga Cold box Core Making Machine with a single shooting volume of 2000L, that can efficiently produce 2800kg super-large sand cores. The key technical breakthroughs can be summarized as follows:

Large-capacity sand shooting technology
Giga sand core curing technology
Heavy-duty servo drive technology
Intelligent control technology

The successful creation of Mingzhi’s 2000L Giga Cold box Core Making Machine will allow more manufacturers of large castings to reduce labor requirements, improve production efficiency and product quality, while applying intelligent production that enhances the overall competitiveness of the casting industry chain.  The Giga Cold Box Core Machine promises to close the gap to meet the rapid development of shipping, aerospace, wind power machinery, and other industries. Read the full article regarding the Giga Cold box Core Making Machine or contact us: