NEWS: Full Core Centre for Turkey

Core Centre by Mingzhi Technology Leipzig  for EKU Fren ve Dokum San AS Turkey (August 2020) In spite of the unprecedented lock down period during this year, the technology advances and sales activities of Mingzhi Technology have carried on without pause.  We are proud to have signed an order with the foundries of EKU Fren ve Dokum San AS Turkey for a full core centre that is to include a 60-litre cold box core machine, sand plant, robotic cell and oven for the production of cores for ventilated brake discs. The core centre will be manufactured at the Mingzhi Technology plant in Leipzig Germany and installed in February 2021. The production equipment will be set in a new location within the foundry designed to accommodate 4 core production machines. With almost 60 years of experience and one of the most important foundries in this field, EKU Fren ve Dokum San AS manufactures brake drums and brake discs for leading manufacturers worldwide and export their products to more than 55 countries in 7 continents. Mingzhi Technology has two production facilities (Suzhou, China and Leipzig, Germany) and approximately 800 employees with an annual turnover of roughly 100 million euros. For more information, please contact us at and visit the web site